Epoch LoveWing Classic - 2ft & 4ft July 23 2014

Introducing LoveWing Classic from Epoch Lighting. 

A LED ceiling light that replaces conventional fluorescent tube fixtures. This classic piece won the judges' heart at the recent Taiwan International Lighting Show 2014 winning the Innovation Award. No longer do we need to replace short-lived fluorescent tubes; the LoveWing Classic uses high performance Meanwell Driver pushing the luminaire to its targeted lifespan of 40,000hrs.

For future replacements, consumers should be looking into replacing the driver and not the light fitting itself. Think of the driver as a rechargable battery; once its lifespan is up, it's time to get a new one. Thus, selecting the right LED product with a reliable driver is very important. LoveWIng Classic has it all; a well-designed light body with a compartment within to store the external driver from Meanwell. Installation is easy too; simple two screws to be mounted on concrete or false ceilings. The best part of this luminaire is that it can be connected seamlessly together without dark areas in between. An absolute perfect lighting piece suitable for homes & offices.   

For more details, read: http://www.lighting-epoch.com/en/index.php?c=news&m=show&sn=24