Epoch Lighting

Epoch Lighting by Taiwan top LCD back light module maker, Epoch Chemtronics Corp. is a state-of-the-art LED lighting widely recognized by the electronics industry and LED lighting professionals. Epoch lighting is eco-friendly and easy to install. Its unique edge-lit and reflective-lit design produce light of uniform brightness that is not glaring to the eyes, creating a comfortable environment to work and live in.

Epoch's awards-winning ultra-slim panel light, ultra-slim down light, frameless square down light (epoXube), ultra-slim shelf light (epoSlim), integrated luminaries (LoveWing Classic) and flat LED bulb (epoFlorium), are testimonial to Epoch's innovation and high standard in delivering good LED lighting to the industry. Epoch Lighting require no maintenance, have a long service life and are low in energy consumption, which will greatly provide more than 60% savings for homes, offices, shops and factories.


Sense of Light, Sense for Life






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