8" LED Down Light - Economic

Epoch 8" LED Down Light - Economic range uses LED edge-lit technology to produce uniform lighting. It is ultra-slim in design with efficient heat dissipation. Easy to use in narrow space. Ideal replacement for traditional 26W CFL Down Light.

Model: ED080
Dimension: ø240 x 31mm (8")
Colour Temperature: Warm White(3000K), Cool White(4000K) or Day White(5000K)
Power: 23W
Input Voltage: 90 - 264V
Luminous Flux: 1850lm (3000K), 2050lm (4000K/5000K)
Cut-out Dimension: 180mm
Lifetime: 40,000hrs
Warranty: 2 years
Made in Taiwan

*Suitable for installation only with false ceiling.

Paired with Meanwell Driver for efficiency & reliability


【Application areas】:

1. Office, conference room, factory or classroom.
2.  Low-temperature environment, such as freezer.
3.  Areas where is difficult to maintain and require high standards, such as
     clean room, medical environment, or food industry.
4.  Areas where UV rays or heat need to be prevented, such as jewelry shop,
     art gallery, or museum.
5.  Lighting environment for a long time or 24 hours, such as bank, convenience store.

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