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Many end-users are attracted to low-cost LED lighting for their organisations or homes to save on high renovation cost. Often, they started to experience inconvenience from regular breakdown of their lighting and having to spend more on maintenance with frequent replacement of luminaire or LED driver. 

Choosing good quality LED lighting are averagely more costly than low-cost LED lighting. Though higher at starting cost, it provides significant advantages in its luminous efficacy, eco-saving, long lifetime and a more uniform cozy lighting. With zero maintenance and one-third power consumption than conventional lighting, such beneficial investment gives good ROI(return on investment). The acquisition cost and profit may be recovered in just 1 -3 years, along with a better quality lighting environment.

Who we are?   

At UNIRANGE, our vision is to bring the great benefits of LED Lighting to business organisations and residential homes in Singapore.

Since 2012, we have introduced Epoch Lighting to SME offices, shops and restaurants, religious organisations like churches & temples, hospitals & clinics, landed houses, private condominiums, BTOs flats etc. Over the years, we have built a strong epoch-customer base from many customers’ referral and testimonial.

Epoch Lighting is eco-friendly with no blue light hazard, has a long service life and is low in energy consumption. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Its unique edge-lit design and multiple reflective-lit design(BLM Technology) produce light of uniform brightness that is not glaring to the eyes, creating a comfortable environment to work and live in.

The branding we carry come with good R & D products that use parts and components tested for safety and reliability. They are carefully evaluated based on application, function, quality and cost.

Every piece of product manufactured in the factory is embossed with a brand label for authenticity. We are committed to giving our customers value for money on their purchase, backed by factory warranty. 

Look through our brand catalogues and products where you will be delighted by the choices of lighting. All enquiries welcome!