epoLoveWing™-Modern S 2ft(Ceiling Mount)

New 2016 LoveWing Modern S.

The luminaire provides uniform light in the simplest structure, and let light illuminate the entire space. It provides a bright, soft, without flickering and non-glare lighting. This luminaire can be seamlessly connected in series, mount on ceilings or walls.

Come in 2 Dimensions:

Model: DP255
Dimension: 609 x 225 x 33mm (2ft)
Colour Temperature: Warm White(3000K), Cool White(4000K) or Day White(5700K)
Power: 17.3W
Input Voltage: 90 - 264V
Luminous Flux: 1500lm (Warm White) | 1650lm (Cool White, Day White)
Lifetime: 40,000hrs
Warranty: 2 years
Made in Taiwan


Brightness Comparison:
2 x 18W Fluorescent Tubes = Epoch 18W LED Ceiling Light (2ft)

*Suitable for installation under concrete or false ceiling.

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