epoSlim™-LED Shelf Light

5mm thin, easy installation for cabinets, shelves & showcase areas.


Model: EB239
Dimension: 600 x 100 x 5.5mm
Colour Temperature: 3000K(warm white), 4000K(cool white) or 5700K(day white)
Power: 10W (Dimmable)
CRI: 80
Lumen: 610lm - 680lm
Input Voltage: 12VDC ±3
Lifetime: 40,000hrs
Warranty: 1 years
Made in Taiwan

*The shelf light is paired with a driver that needs to be installed with.
Driver Dimension: 76mm (Length) x 39mm (Width) x 28mm (Height)

Paired with Meanwell Driver for efficiency & reliability


【Application areas】:

1.  Home space, such as living room, stair, or bedroom.
2.  Areas in need of decorative or auxiliary lighting, such as hotel, hallway, stair.
3.  Art exhibition, such as museum, display room.
4.  Limited space, such as elevator, showcase.

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